Sometimes you just need another human being to walk alongside you as you enter the wilderness of your story.

You need the rawest expression of your suffering to be deeply heard. Without judgment, minimization or invalidation.  

You need a lifeline thrown to you in this sea of noise and feelings. Without filling every painful moment with words or answers or frantic movement forward.

To offer up a me too, a this really is as bad as you say it is, and a you're not alone.

Cue my introduction.

Hey there, I'm Brea Ramos


I am a starfish thrower, dream chaser, inspiration giver, and lifelong learner. My favorite titles are wife and sexual trauma expert. I'm also a survivor of sexual trauma. You can read more about that here and find fun facts about me here.

I don't need well-intentioned sympathy, easy answers or silver-linings. I don't need to be told I needed this pain for some purpose or that I need to grieve better. I don't have to pretty up my pain with positivity. 

And I don't need to be fixed. 
Neither do you.

I’m not here to teach you how to become a better victim. I’m sure you’ve had enough facts and strategies stuffed in your soul. Let’s figure out how to become a better human, instead. Because it’s not about survivorship; it’s about humanness.

Knowing I'm only a human being among other human beings, all of us in need of mending, is freeing. A world of hope and love can exist among us.

The way forward is becoming whole