I Never Told Anyone E-Course

On my journey of supporting survivors and transitioning to dedicating more and more of my time to support, advocacy, and the pursuit of knowledge for sexual trauma survivors and myself as one, I’ve found something to be true: If you talk about trauma openly and honestly, people will talk back. At least, those who have been through this devastation.

We live in a culture that avoids the discussion of heart-breaking topics – especially sexual trauma. It’s a hushed, hidden topic that remains taboo despite how frequently it occurs. I read once that we (as a culture) don’t do grief; yet grief still does us. The same holds true for trauma.

I want to help you feel less alone, less intimidated, and less silent about the topic of sexual trauma. There is no getting around it. Your pain needs expression. Your trauma will speak one way or another, either by means of your putting it into words, or by inner whispers of the heart that never let you heal. Honest words are a remedy.

And now you can have a safe place – a place without judging, condemning, debating, arguing, questioning, or well-intentioned platitudes and comfort – to speak what’s true. You have been through a devastating event. One moment your life was fine, the next, something happened that changed your world and shattered your heart.

Let your trauma, your pain, your grief, your voice, tell you what it knows.

This is a way to find your words and to explore and honor your story of trauma in a safe, comfortable environment with others who feel and sound like you. Discover that your story is unique, but your struggle is not.

No matter the type of trauma you’ve been through, this I Never Told Anyone course is for you.


I wish to extend an invitation for you to draw your breath in pain to tell this harsh world your story.

We’ve saved a spot for you; join the next session.


 How does it work?

During the course, you’ll receive a weekly email writing prompt that encourages you to explore an aspect of your trauma. Let it settle with you, work through the prompt, and write. You'll have the entire week to process the prompt - because this can be hard work, we don't want you to rush through it. We do want to push you to move forward though.  The suggestion is that when you're ready to write, you do so for 15 uninterrupted minutes or more to write.

Then you’ll be able to share your writing and engage in the private Facebook group with a small group of others participating in the course. You can connect with others’ stories, feelings, thoughts, frustrations, struggles, hopes, and healing. You may even see how other people are dealing with their trauma. It is a place where you don’t have to apologize or feel bad for your words. You don’t have to worry about how someone will respond. It is a safe, comfortable place of understanding, acknowledgement, and validation.

-          When you register, you’ll receive two welcoming emails with information about the course and a casual prompt for courage to start

-          You’ll receive weekly writing prompts for one year.

-          The private Facebook group will be open to you within two days of the start of the course. You can share your writing there and gain support, acknowledgement, and validation from people who sound like you, who think, and feel like you. Because you’ll find your story is unique, but your struggle is not. This community support is a key part of the process and is powerful.

-          At the end of the course, I will share with you a PDF of all of the definitions of courage that you worked through using the prompts.  I provide it at the end because these things may appear intimidating at the beginning. I think you’ll find: at the end of the day we can endure much more than we think we can. As David Blaine puts it, “We are all capable of infinitely more than we believe. We are stronger and more resourceful than we know, and we can endure much more than we think we can."

-          The last day of the course, you’ll get an invitation to the private alumni group to continue with your connection to the community and with others who have been through the course too. Even though the session ends, the connection and support you receive during this course won’t have to.


Who is this for?

While this course is mainly for survivors of sexual trauma, it is still applicable to other types of trauma. Including:

-          Sexual trauma is encompassing of: sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual violence, rape

-          Domestic violence, meaning an actual or threatened physical or sexual violence or emotional abuse between adults in an intimate relationship, includes maltreatment, neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse

-          Community violence, such as robbery, shootings, stabbings, and beatings

-          Natural disasters, accidents, war

-          Medical trauma


Other perks?

-          I mentioned the alumni group. It is free, lifetime access to the community. You’ll continue to connect with others at your own pace, to share your writings and your pain, your journey as you continue forward with your healing. This group is less structured than the course, so you can share anything you want here as long as you follow the guidelines that maintain a safe, supportive environment.

-          You’ll receive early access to all future courses, groups, and other content. You’ll be the first to know.

-          If you were to take the course versus one year ago, your writing would look differently and tell you different things. The same holds true for the future. You may find yourself in need of the course and smaller community again. Your writing will also change over time. You are welcome to take the course again, at any time, with a special discounted rate.

-          A unique, free gift at the end of the course only available to those who have taken the course.


Questions? Email me at brearamosspeaker@gmail.com.


Note: there are no refunds for any course or digital product. If you start it, but you find you’re too busy, you have the opportunity to move to another session within the year, but only have one chance of doing so – I also cannot guarantee when the next session will be available. If you have a question or are feeling hesitant, please email me at brearamosspeaker@gmail.com.


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Why charge anything when it benefits survivors?

As much as I would love to give this course for free, I've have found two real conflicts:

1. When things are for free, people simply do not commit. They don't put in the work they need to. The more you commit to it, the stronger you'll get. Making an investment helps with your commitment to your healing and to the prompts. It also helps improve connecting in the community.

2. A lot of hard work has gone into this course. I have invested time, money, sweat, and poured myself into the course so that it could benefit you. Normally the course would run for $20 a month, and honestly the community itself is worth the investment.