I have a wonderful and supportive husband, David. He is my constant stream of encouragement and my biggest fan. We have a parallel path of being dream chasers and inspiration givers. He is an author and blogger. If you want to learn more about him go to ramosauthor.com and be sure to check out his devotional Enduring Job on overcoming challenges and pain.



5 Fun Facts About Me:

  1. I was born in Savannah, Georgia and raised in the Greater Cleveland area of Ohio.
  2. I LOVE ketchup.
  3. I’m an avid movie watcher. At the beginning of every year, David and I make a list of all of the movies we want to see that year – always making sure we see at least one a month.
  4. The women who have recently inspired me most are Maya Angelou and Brene Brown.
  5. My favorite food is lasagna - but only when my husband makes it for me. I also love chips.