14. End Rape On Campus with Chardonnay Madkins

Brea Ramos is joined with Chardonnay Madkins, project manager at End Rape on Campus (EROC). Together, they create a call action to stand in solidarity with the marginalized especially during a time when rights are being threatened.  Learn more about what has been going on with Title IX under the Trump Administration lately, your rights as a student, and the many ways you can partner with EROC to put an end to sexual violence on campus.

As a reminder: For people who want to get involved they can check out more information about Centering the Margins on EROC's website at endrapeoncampus.org, with the CTM website going live on October 12th. Also,  sign up for EROC's action alerts at endrapeoncampus.org/receive-action-alerts/


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